Široké horizonty a možnosti


Management Information System (MIS), controlling

  • creating of information systems (IS) extension
  • connecting of IS with other applications
  • advising on selection and implementation of IS

Management of Change, Crisis Management, Interim Management

  • transparency of corporate risk
  • assessment of processes, money and information flows
  • restructuring of corporate business processes
  • processes optimizing associated with management and collection of receivables

Economic consulting

  • financial reporting proposal
  • purchase of materials and services advising

Bookkeeping, accounting and tax optimization

  • company accounting (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • tax records (single entry) for small companies

Sales consulting

  • sales reporting and analysis
  • marketing and sales consulting

A very broad term based on a firm fact - without sufficient sales the business has no sense. Permanent and long-term decline in orders cannot be saved without end by any changes in the configuration process, or other cost savings. Such a business development is rarely caused only by external influences.

Very often is it caused by "one-side" view (you probably hear following arguments:)

  • it works like this for years, so do not tell me it is wrong...
  • our clients are good because they always pay eventually...
  • we also have to do this and that, because they wants us to...
  • this change will lead to loss of customers...
  • this has to be supplied as we have known Mr. XY for many years...
  • it is a waste of investments because we do not need...
  • we cannot let him go because he would take over our customers...
  • you will not find a better workhorse, he built this place on its feet...
  • etc...?

Certainly, there is something to all the arguments, but it is worth to ask someone independent.

Of course, the influence of external factors can be significant. Changes to the business depending on the state sector (market tuning, legislative changes, natural effects, etc.) are in today's world hardly predicted, but together we can try to build a broader perspective and find the perfect marketing mix accepting your options and goals.

Application of business reporting

To be able to see "the body" of the company, we need to know the key measurable parameters of functionality of its indispensable "authorities". To control them over you need to have correct outputs of their activities. Correct, means that they are sufficient for your needs, that they have sufficient output for level of management and structure. Remember reporting is a very good helper for planning!

Marketing and sales consulting

Do you know the state of your company compared to your competitors? Do you know where your products or services are in the market? Do you know how the market will develop and what will it require? What do consumers want? If so, does it correspond to the direction, equipment, human potential of your company? Do you have good and secure purchasers – supplier contracts? If so, and all this is within the law, you do not need Client Service.


Legal services

  • the writing and commenting on the contractual documentatio
  • legal advice
  • consultancy labor-law relations
  • services in the area of ​​company law and securing permission for busines
  • judicial recovery