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Client Service CZ s.r.o.
Address Kramolínova 1145
28800 Nymburk
Czech Republic
IČO 26767643
DIČ CZ26767643
Phone Cell+420 606 645 966
Fax fax+420 321 714 441
Web http://www.cscz.biz
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Mgr. Jiří Šimeček (Client Service CZ s.r.o.: Project Manager)   +420 606 645 966 vizitka QR code
Managing director and contact for questions of possible cooperation. He will provide you options in diagnostic status and level of key instruments and departments. He will submit additional suggestions and modifications and together with you selects optimal solution.
Mgr. Jan Němec (Client Service CZ s.r.o.: Controlling)   +420 724 002 525 vizitka QR code
Co-founder and your potential partner for business consultancy, information systems architecture and development of their extensions for controlling and reporting outputs, web design, network management, etc.
JUDr. Miroslav Dubran (Client Service CZ s.r.o.: Legal Services)   +420 774 121 688 vizitka QR code
Everything we do should have a legal framework. Therefore, there is a need for legal guarantee which can be found in the form of quality lawyer with knowledge and experience in a business environment.