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Company Client Service s.r.o. was established in 2003 as a result of our effort to „freely“ apply experience of both founders and mainly to assert our view on requirements of adaptations and changes in management in time of changing environment or generation exchange. These changes bring usually movement from format and concept of small or middle company to large company or corporation than can ensure continuing progress.

We extended the portfolio of services for service connected with main aim, or requirements of customers as development and modifications of add-ons to information systems with respect to company management requirements, business and economic consulting, restructuring and crisis management, accounting and tax records, process optimization and adjustment of claims management, etc. And over time, it become necessary to ensure support for legislative and judicial processes.


The company founders passed, before the establishment, several positions in companies of various specializations. In essence, the continuous rental of the invention, an honest approach to projects and given "a reasonable view of the matter" in a position to control most exposed positions is, as we hope, sufficient proof that the original belief in "an independent view from outside" is correct.

Currently, we offer a comprehensive range of services for small and medium companies looking for further opportunities to develop and try to find appropriate methods of management, enabling them to reflect changing environment, the need to efficiently use their resources and to find new potential and ensure the possible profits.

Our visions

We provide quality service at an affordable price and we know that it can be done only by bringing clear and long term increase in revenue of our clients. With the help of external and therefore an unencumbered view we want to provide an alternative version of the current situation and then, if company owners are interested, we provide them our own solution based on our experiences. We do not want to reinvent the wheel, but we try to apply the best practices applied on specific companies or products.

How we do that

We do that personally, on place and in reality. After years of experience we know that every company has many variations and anomalies, and their owners have often different interests, goals, and especially the potential. We base our solutions after we perfectly clarify these base-stones.

We observe, we talk with you, we identify targets. We feel no need to amaze, we feel need to offer adequate solutions.

If these solutions are acceptable for both sides, we usually enter for necessary period to the company – we agree on clear jurisdictions and responsibilities and we take part on management of company.

Client Service CZ s.r.o.

Client Service CZ s.r.o.

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