Široké horizonty a možnosti


Management Information System (MIS), controlling

  • creating of information systems (IS) extension
  • connecting of IS with other applications
  • advising on selection and implementation of IS

Management of Change, Crisis Management, Interim Management

  • transparency of corporate risk
  • assessment of processes, money and information flows
  • restructuring of corporate business processes
  • processes optimizing associated with management and collection of receivables

Economic consulting

  • financial reporting proposal
  • purchase of materials and services advising

Financial reporting is based on a clear display of information from other systems. The most important source of information for reporting and subsequent economic analysis is accounting. It is necessary to emphasize its basic mission - to be fair and unbiased view of the economic situation of the company. Sources may be, of course, other systems for customer relationship management (CRM). It is important to create a central reporting - displaying information about the company, regardless of the business area - e.g. the profitability of capital, company indebtedness, etc. in a clear and easy structuring. The analysis of this information gives recommendations what section/process of the company to focus on in order to make the company more effective and of course recommendations for actions to be taken.


Bookkeeping, accounting and tax optimization

  • company accounting (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • tax records (single entry) for small companies

Sales consulting

  • sales reporting and analysis
  • marketing and sales consulting

Legal services

  • the writing and commenting on the contractual documentatio
  • legal advice
  • consultancy labor-law relations
  • services in the area of ​​company law and securing permission for busines
  • judicial recovery