Široké horizonty a možnosti


Management Information System (MIS), controlling

  • creating of information systems (IS) extension
  • connecting of IS with other applications
  • advising on selection and implementation of IS

Management of Change, Crisis Management, Interim Management

  • transparency of corporate risk
  • assessment of processes, money and information flows
  • restructuring of corporate business processes
  • processes optimizing associated with management and collection of receivables

Most of companies have met with influence affecting their "health" and existence from outside. Obviously, in fiercely contested market situations such as economic crisis these threats (customer defaults, reducing demand, pressure on the effectiveness and prices ...) are more frequent. At this point it is necessary to focus on key risks, eliminate all negative influences, check validity of well-established processes and seek new chances...

It is more than common that combination of above mentioned occurs at once. These occurrences cannot be solved by current management often and also in reasonable time period. Companies than find themselves in a situation which can be defined as: "too late for anything." Crisis management is intended (often with more or less "painful" interventions) to stabilize company and firstly to ensure liquidity.

Each owner has to consider carefully, whether he wants to accept an offered helping hand and to prove that he is capable of one of the most important management art - to recognize and admit, he cannot manage only by himself.

Corporate Risk Evaluation

Based on the review and analysis of economic indicators we can help to identify the most risky places - high debt, decline in orders, low margins, overall company focus and market potential, inefficient processes ... etc. Afterwards, we can suggest available options to reduce their impact.

Assessment of processes, money and information flows

Description, or an audit of company processes and reporting settings can assist revealing of vulnerabilities (departments, human resources, tools ...) and evaluate cost/profit items to be subjected to deeper analysis. The result may be even a proposal for setting up alternative processes - such as outsourcing, changes in purchasing, distribution, ...

Restructuring of corporate business processes

Based on detailed surveying of business processes we can consider changes/modifications that will ensure greater "bandwidth" of the company, increased flexibility, or possibly reduce cost of individual processes.

Processes optimization associated with management and collection of receivables

Claims are often one of the key issues of company viability (cash flow). Existing parameters of credit risk and other risk management tools to prevent and eliminate risk do not prevent seemingly bad debts. Implementing efficient tools for debt collection, both in court and judicial stage, enables clear reduction in the ration of bad debts in your assets. What tool is the most appropriate for you and your situation, product portfolio and debt is a good question for us.


Economic consulting

  • financial reporting proposal
  • purchase of materials and services advising

Bookkeeping, accounting and tax optimization

  • company accounting (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • tax records (single entry) for small companies

Sales consulting

  • sales reporting and analysis
  • marketing and sales consulting

Legal services

  • the writing and commenting on the contractual documentatio
  • legal advice
  • consultancy labor-law relations
  • services in the area of ​​company law and securing permission for busines
  • judicial recovery