Široké horizonty a možnosti


Management Information System (MIS), controlling

  • creating of information systems (IS) extension
  • connecting of IS with other applications
  • advising on selection and implementation of IS

Management of Change, Crisis Management, Interim Management

  • transparency of corporate risk
  • assessment of processes, money and information flows
  • restructuring of corporate business processes
  • processes optimizing associated with management and collection of receivables

Economic consulting

  • financial reporting proposal
  • purchase of materials and services advising

Bookkeeping, accounting and tax optimization

  • company accounting (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • tax records (single entry) for small companies


As with other services we result from the key potential of the company- an activity the owner built his existence and vision on. However, all company's agendas are necessary to be processed. To cover all by the company internal crew can be ineffective and shatter the core business. That is why it is advisable and appropriate to choose an external partner with expertise and experience in that sector.

At the beginning it is setting of directives to chart of account and principles that should be followed by all levels within the company.

  • double-entry bookkeeping, including the annual financial statements
  • management and processing of tax records (single entry)
  • HR consulting and payroll services
  • reconstruction of accounting
  • control over client's bookkeeping
  • year-end reports and reports on relations in collaboration with the client
  • accounting consultancy
  • transition to double-entry bookkeeping
  • cooperation with auditors and tax consultants

Tax optimization

Taxes and tax optimization are basis of effectively planned income of each company. Tracking frequent legislative changes in the tax area is very time consuming and unfavourable work, but it is advisable not to underestimate it in any way. Leave it to us with confidence.

  • contracts preparation consultancy
  • tax proposal models while decision of business cases making
  • preparation of tax declaration
  • representing clients in tax proceedings
  • tax audit - verification of the tax base
  • running fiscal oversight
  • general tax advice
  • cooperation with clients during tax audits


Sales consulting

  • sales reporting and analysis
  • marketing and sales consulting

Legal services

  • the writing and commenting on the contractual documentatio
  • legal advice
  • consultancy labor-law relations
  • services in the area of ​​company law and securing permission for busines
  • judicial recovery