Široké horizonty a možnosti


Management Information System (MIS), controlling

  • creating of information systems (IS) extension
  • connecting of IS with other applications
  • advising on selection and implementation of IS

getting data from reporting tools and comparing it with defined goals. Controlling enables company management focusing on areas outside expected (planned) range with intuitive and uncluttered presentation (dashboards, graphs, tables etc.). Management Information System (MIS) serves connection of controlling + reporting and other systems used in company. MIS allows an overall view of the company, highlights problematic areas and enables following movement to more detailed view on these areas (product line, division, supplier, customer, ...). This allows you to see all details very quickly and identify necessary areas. MIS gives management instruments for fast and efficient business operation.


Management of Change, Crisis Management, Interim Management

  • transparency of corporate risk
  • assessment of processes, money and information flows
  • restructuring of corporate business processes
  • processes optimizing associated with management and collection of receivables

Economic consulting

  • financial reporting proposal
  • purchase of materials and services advising

Bookkeeping, accounting and tax optimization

  • company accounting (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • tax records (single entry) for small companies

Sales consulting

  • sales reporting and analysis
  • marketing and sales consulting

Legal services

  • the writing and commenting on the contractual documentatio
  • legal advice
  • consultancy labor-law relations
  • services in the area of ​​company law and securing permission for busines
  • judicial recovery